Identify soft skills
Top 100 interview questions

Tired of always getting the same answers in interviews? How about asking different questions?

We have written a complete and detailed list of original interview questions to identify your candidates' soft skills. Help them reveal their full potential and show you who they are.

What you'll learn:

  • What are soft skills?
  • How to choose which soft skills to look for
  • How to choose interview questions accordingly

This ebook also presents our survey results "What soft skills do you look for in candidates?



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What are soft skills? 

According to the Collins English Dictionary, soft skills define the “desirable qualities for certain forms of employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge: they include common sense, the ability to deal with people, and a positive flexible attitude". They are often difficult to assess. However, they bring great value to a job or a company as they go way beyond technical skills.

Asking the right questions during an interview is a great way to identify soft skills. Therefore, it is important to prepare and tailor questionnaires according to positions. Soft skills are becoming increasingly important in recruiting. They help employers anticipate how well the employee will:

  • Fit in a team and in the company
  • Her performance in the company
  • Her personal and professional development within the organization 

How to define soft skills?

Before you choose which questions to ask, start by meeting up with your teams and hiring managers to make sure you are all aligned on what you are looking for in a candidate. The work you do may take some time but is crucial for the next steps of hiring and says a lot about who you are as a company and your people. 

If you ask a manager “what kind of person are you looking for for this position? ”, they might answer "I want someone like John or Jane”. In that case, try and define together John's or Jane’s personality traits and understand what makes them so successful, productive, efficient, etc.

Choosing the right questions

A few things to be cautious about:

  • Do not ask inappropriate or discriminating questions
  • Make sure each question helps identify a specific skill
  • Tell the candidate is you're about to embark on a series of surprising questions and reassure her. 

It's about finding the right balance between original questions that don’t destabilize candidates, but precise and open enough to let them express themselves and show you who they are.

Getting the best answers

  • Select 2 or 3 soft skills to assess during the selection process. Customers who use the EASYRECRUE platform assess an average of two essential soft skills during the pre-screening stage.
  • Prioritize open questions & exploring scenarios. You also need to formulate your question or series of questions so that the applicant can respond concisely, accurately and use examples.
  • Only accept complete questions: ask for concrete examples and make sure the candidate gives precise answers.
  • Give candidates enough time to answer: the best response requires some time to think.
  • Go more in-depth and ask the candidate to detail their answers.