Thursday 12th of april - 11:30am -  12:30pm

How to attract, select and retain international students

We invite you to subcribe for our webinar on Thursday 12th of April at 11:30am (for GMT+1) or 10:30am (for GMT). 

Prayag Raj Tripathi, Head of International Relations/Admissions at Diplomeo and Melki Andres, Schools and Universities Expert at EASYRECRUE, will present you how to attract, qualify, select and retain international students while controlling acquisition costs.


  • Which markets to target (Asia, Latin America etc.)?
  • Which channels to attract international students?
  • How to qualify these candidates?
  • How to offer an engaging and innovative selection process?
  • How to not lose the best applicants during and after the admission process?




Diplomeo is a French Higher Education company connecting highly qualified international students with reputed international universities. 

EASYRECRUE is a pre-screening solutions provider, used by prestigious colleges and universities as an innovative way of selecting students and verifying their language proficiency, as well as introducing them to the latest recruitment methods used by today's companies.