HR & COVID-19: adapting to the new normal

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to completely rethink talent management and candidate and employee experience, with HR on the frontline to lead these transformations. Discover how our solutions can help you adapt to the "new normal" as well as free trials to help you stay ahead and maintain a smooth 100% digital recruitment process and talent assessments.   



1. Make your recruitment process 100% digital

No need to interrupt ongoing recruitment processes. Thanks to digital solutions (on-demand video interview, online assessments, chatbot, etc.) stay in touch with your candidates wherever they are, automatically build talent pools and anticipate the upturn.


Digitalize your recruitment process with Easyrecrue INTERVIEW

Pre-recorded and live video interview

Make your recruitment process 100% digital with Easyrecrue INTERVIEW, on a single platform integrated to your ATS:

  • pre-recorded video interview for your preselection phase,
  • automated online interview scheduling for interview slots,
  • remote live interview

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Easily manage high volumes of applications 24/7

The upcoming wave of applicants will add a strain on talent acquisition managers. How do you reply to all candidates while maintaining an attractive employer brand and identifying the best talent before your competitors? A chatbot on your career site can do all of that for you:

  • answer and guide candidates 24/7
  • asks scored questions to prequalify applications
  • can automatically invite candidates to an interview (remote or face-to-face)
  • automatically build a prequalified talent pool to prepare for the upturn

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2. Assess skills online

Assess talent remotely in the fairest and most objective way thanks to our user-friendly tests, easy to create for assessors, and easy to take for candidates. Offer the best talent experience and build your custom tests for candidates, employees before and after training, students in admissions processes, etc. 

Assess language skills online

Easyspeaking, the online language test

Exam centers are closed. Try Easyspeaking, the professional online language test to assess candidates' or employees' language skills in a short 20 minutes. Tests are available in 14 languages and evaluated by independent experts according to the CEFR certification. The results are delivered within 48 hours. 

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Build your own skills assessments

Test Builder, online assessment creator

Digitalize your existing assessments with Test Builder and create more tailored and user-friendly tests (multiple-choice, video, document imports, etc.):

  • business cases to integrate into your hiring process
  • admissions tests for students
  • skills assessments for your employees
  • etc.

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With fast change comes the development and need for new skills. HR requires the right tools and resources to tackle the challenge. At the same time, employees seek meaning in their jobs and ask to have more visibility on their career paths. 


Revive strategic workforce planning

DEVELOP, the tailored strategic workforce planning solution

  • Give your employees career paths and internal opportunities that match their skills and aspirations, based on their self-assessment and psychometric test results. 
  • Map fine skills and lead a detailed development plan to optimize training and strategic workforce planning. 

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