With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) about to come into effect, we are committed to ensuring the protection, confidentiality and security of personal data relating to our customers and applicants, and to respecting their privacy. 

 Security and compliance are our key priorities!

 In practical terms, compliance will involve changes to:

  • our tools
  • our processes
  • our contractual documents

We have chosen Oxalia Data Protection, as specialists in data protection with real, hands-on expertise in data security and risk management, to support the process of ensuring we are compliant prior to 25 May 2018.


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Step 1

Data Protection Officer

Appointment of our DPO already effective internally, to be confirmed officially once the CNIL form is available.

In the meantime, please

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Step 2

Internal compliance procedures:

  • Awareness raising for employees, since GDPR is primarily about people!
  • An audit of our tools, since they’re the core of our business and part of yours!
  • Improvements to our computer security

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Step 3

Our actions to support your compliance: 

  • Updating of our GDPR procedures to ensure compliance of data processing subcontracted to us and support for your own GDPR actions (for example, assistance with subject access requests, corrections, etc.)
  • Updating of statutory information in tools and applications, and on websites 
  • Redevelopment of our data protection and cookie management policies….

... because more transparency on our side creates more trust for applicants! 

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Step 4

Audit of tools and security processes by an external firm and continuous adaptation to GDPR.



We’ll be ready by
25 May 2018!