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Digitalize your talent assessments

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Paper tests and collective exam sessions are a thing of the past. Yet, candidate assessment remains an essential part of the recruitment process, whether internal or external. 

In this webinar, we'll explore the different ways to assess candidates and employees digitally while maintaining a top candidate experience. 

Discover an exclusive use case: how the International Committee of the Red Cross successfully digitalized their assessments, from languages to technical and soft skills. 

3 reasons to watch the webinar:

  • You wish to assess your candidates in the fairest and most objective way 
  • You want to offer the same qualitative assessments remotely
  • You want to offer innovative tests tailored to your needs candidates can answer from home, whenever works best for them. 

If one of these three reasons fit with your challenges, register to our webinar today!

A short presentation of our online assessment creator, Test Builder, will follow the webinar.