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Attracting, hiring and retaining talent
in the “new normal”

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The pandemic is having a lasting impact on our lives, including the way we work. From onboarding new hires to holding virtual meetings, there is no 'business as usual' happening. We have seen companies around the world go digital and adjust to unprecedented events, often with Human Resources on the frontline. 

How have market leaders adapted and what tools were used to keep running smoothly and remotely? Additionally, when external hiring is on freeze, how can companies reskill and redeploy employees internally?

Scot McRae Founder and COO of Candidate.ID and Erin Douglas, Director of Sales Enablement at Easyrecrue shared insights on global recruiting trends and market leader use cases:

  • Going digital: from video interviews to virtual assessment days, how have companies adapted their hiring processes during the pandemic and what could this mean for the future of recruiting?
  • Workforce transformation: why redeploying employees internally through skills forecasting and internal talent nurturing could be a long-term solution to a short-term problem?

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Erin Douglas

Director of Sales Enablement


Scot McRae

Founder & COO