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Internal mobility: retaining talent
and anticipating the skills gap

Stay ahead in the talent war

It is estimated that 85% of jobs in 2030 do not exist yet, which is why skills management has become a key challenge for companies the past years. At the same time, more than one employee out of two say they plan to change jobs several times in their careers.

Companies have the opportunity to retain their talent and beat talent shortage by putting in place effective and clear internal mobility plans (skills mapping, training programs, internal jobboards etc.)

In this webinar, Florent Melchior, Senior Product Manager, and Mathilde Brygier, Content Manager at EASYRECRUE present:

  • The objectives and current state of internal mobility in numbers
  • How to effectively put in place an internal mobility strategy
  • Why and how EASYRECRUE DEVELOP solves HR’s, managers’ and employees’ internal mobility problems and questions, with use cases

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Mathilde Brygier

International Marketing Manager

Florent Melchior

Florent Melchior

Senior Product Manager