Why Talent Nurturing is the key
to successful recruiting

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According to a PwC CEO survey, the #1 challenge that keeps chief executives up at night is finding the right talent. Companies are facing a candidate-driven hiring market and they are struggling to successfully fill positions in under 12 weeks. Post-and-pray is no longer a strategy, businesses need to build relationships with candidates before the application process. This is where talent nurturing comes in.

Erin Douglas, director of sales enablement at EASYRECRUE and Adam Gordon, CEO and co-founder of Candidate.ID explore:

  • What is talent nurturing and how does it make your hiring more effective?
  • How to build a hire-ready list of candidates through nurturing
  • Key examples of how organizations use nurturing to hire better and faster

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Erin Douglas

Director of sales enablement


Adam Gordon

CEO and co-founder